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Nail Down Your Family Vision This Year | at Simple As That

Sometimes at night I lie in the warmth of my bed and feel my thoughts creep up on me with a tightening grip.

They should know better than to kick and shove each other during church… 

We really, like really, need to teach our oldest to tie his shoes. 

We have so many words to learn before the spelling bee next week. 

Why didn’t Trenton stick up for his brother yesterday while playing with the neighbors? I need to talk to him about that. 

I keep forgetting to sign them up for basketball. 

I used to let these thoughts pull me further and further down a no-good path to nowhere. (And to be honest, sometimes I still do.) But over the years I’ve slowly become better at setting them aside and trusting in myself as a person and a parent.

When the parenting overwhelm and the negative self-talk start to encroach, I repeat some powerful words in my head—

I’d be so happy if you’d join me for the rest of this post, over at Simple As That, with one quick click: 

An Action Plan for Nailing Down Your Family Vision This Year

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    Sierra Burton
    February 17, 2016 at 12:31 pm

    As I prepare to soon start a family I’m pinning your stuff like crazy because I can’t wait to finally be able to use it! Thank you Erica!

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