Feeling Lost?

During your years of motherhood and marriage, have you slowly lost track of the woman you used to be?

You’ve been so busy meeting everyone else’s needs that you’ve slowly stopped meeting your own.

As a result, you’re constantly fighting burnout and struggling to show up as the mom and partner you long to be.

Is This You?

How many of these statements do you identify with?

  • "I chronically put my own needs on the back burner."
  • "I struggle with resentment."
  • "I miss having energy and enthusiasm for life."
  • "I sometimes feel selfish when I take time for myself."

Why "Self-Care" Isn't Cutting It

Somehow, it’s never as easy as it seems like it should be. If it were, you wouldn't STILL be feeling burned-out and uninspired.

You've probably been ignoring your emotions and needs for so long that you can barely sense them anymore—and throwing some random self-care onto your schedule isn’t going to solve much.

This is where I step in—an outside perspective to help you see your mind and heart more clearly.

What You'll Get

Six 45-minute sessions
The option to record each session
Unlimited email access to me
Homework customized to your needs

What We'll Work On

The beautiful thing about coaching—as opposed to the courses and challenges I’ve offered in the past—is that we can tailor your program exactly to YOU.

We can talk about anything, but if you’re a mom on the brink of burnout, these topics will be especially applicable:

  • - How to Free Yourself from Resentment
  • - How to Release the Guilt for Taking Care of Yourself
  • - How to Set Boundaries that Actually Work
  • - How to Make Peace with Your Inner Critic
  • - How to Develop Confidence in Your Unique Brand of Motherhood

Take Me to the Application

"Erica is my favorite coach ever! Both my work life and family life are getting lighter and lighter. She shows me where I’m putting unnecessary pressure on myself and teaches me how to let go and trust myself instead. I leave every session with a clearer head, a sense of peace and a plan for what I want to do next." Heather A.
"Erica is so easy to talk to. She has a gift for putting you at ease while drawing out the things that matter most to you. She really helped me think about where I want to get to and the insights and tools she shared have made it clearer how to achieve that end goal." Lisa M.
"I found Erica easy to connect with and felt that she truly understood me. This allowed me to be totally open about my thoughts and my life experiences. Erica was then able to shine a light on them in a way that is compassionate, practical and helps me grow as a person." Clare W.
“Erica helped me find clarity on something I’d been sitting on for a long time! She helped me uncover what I was really thinking and feeling so I could finally move forward with peace.Valerie C.
"I had such a great experience working with Erica! Each session felt like talking to a friend, but instead of just venting, we teamed up and dug into my life in the most constructive way. She taught me how to feel better without needing everything around me to change—this is gold!" Deborah S.
I am so glad I decided to sign up for coaching—It was the thing I never knew I needed until I experienced it. The sessions were more like catching up with a friend and the welcoming environment allowed me to share what I was really feeling. Erica's approach is gentle yet effective in helping to hone in on what you are experiencing and how to work through it. It allowed me to be fully honest with myself and find a path forward." Stephanie G.
Erica Layne

About Erica

Hi! I'm Erica Layne, life coach, bestselling author, podcast host, founder of The Life On Purpose Movement—and most importantly, a wife and mom of three.

I spent a lot of years running on empty and ignoring the warning signs. I thought I was giving everyone my all, but in reality, I was only giving them a ghost of myself.

The tools and perspectives that I now teach brought me to LIFE again. Let's get the same for you.

So You're All In?

Click below to apply, and I'll be in touch as soon as I have room on my schedule!

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**Pricing will go up once I finish certification with The Life Coach School this May.

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What you get:

  • Six 45-minute, 1:1 coaching sessions with me (used over the course of 6-9 weeks)
  • The option to record our sessions so you can review them later
  • Unlimited email access to me during our time together
  • Worksheets / homework / PDFs from me, depending on your needs

How many weeks do I have to use my six sessions?

You have up to twelve weeks to use your six sessions! You can choose whether you’d like to schedule one session a week or space them out to every other week. 

How will we meet?

We’ll meet over zoom or 45-minutes. My online scheduler makes this very easy; all you’ll have to do is click a link to show up! 

Will our sessions be confidential?

Absolutely! I can record them so that you can review them later, but what you share with me stays between us.

What if something comes up in between sessions that I really want to talk about?

Email me! I’m 100 percent committed to your growth, so during our time together, feel free to email me about situations or questions that arise. We can troubleshoot together!

Let's get you feeling like YOU again!

I'm In!