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What I Wish I’d Mastered as a New Mom | On the Deseret News

If you’re in the trenches of motherhood and are completely in the dark about how to increase your life satisfaction, this is for you. 

There were days when I lived to put the kids down and then could do nothing more than curl up in bed with my good friends Pillow and Netflix. Years, in fact.

I started my days tired and ended them depleted.

My early years of motherhood are a fog of confusion (wait—is this it?) and loss (pre-baby body, pre-baby freedom, Saturdays that actually felt like a break, etc.), punctuated by crystal-clear moments of joy and fulfillment.

Like the time we introduced our toddling son to his brand new baby brother and watched him take a pacifier out of his mouth to give it to his new charge.

Or the time I sat shoulder-to-shoulder with my husband and watched our kids play hide-and-go-seek around a fallen tree, seeing my family from an outsider’s perspective and feeling so deeply grateful that they are mine.

But enveloping all of that beauty was the fog. The exhaustion and the self-doubt, the short fuse and the… I said exhaustion, right?

This post was inspired by a phone call with a close friend who is in the trenches of young motherhood. In the weeks since, I’ve wondered what has changed in my life between then and now, beyond the ages of my children. And the main thing I keep putting my finger is this—

Don’t hate me for leaving you hanging like that(!), but DO follow me over to the Deseret News to read about something that has made a HUGE difference in my life satisfaction over the last couple of years.

Bonus: It has something to do with the free printable above. Be still—and still moving. Click here to download!

  • Rachel T.
    August 14, 2015 at 9:02 am

    Spot on! Thanks for the reminder to do more self care. Love you!

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