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More Moments that Matter | Becoming Minimalist

We sat in a circle with our knees touching, making a pen out of our bodies—a pen that contained two of the fluffiest, most silky-smooth bunnies you’ve ever seen.

The kids and I stroked their fur until the one named Lily (a boy bunny who was clearly named by the little girls who own him) hopped over our legs and made a break for the rose bushes, his favorite hiding place.

It was a chilly but sunny afternoon, a break in back-to-back storms, and it happened to be one of those rare but priceless instances where I paused and thought—

THIS. In thirty years, I may not remember the details of our Disney trip or what toys our kids liked the most at Christmas, but I might just remember THIS. 

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Simple living is about clearing the excess (the stuff, the obligations, the self-imposed expectations) so we have room to notice and settle into the moments that make up our lives. But sometimes, even with the excess in check, we still manage to miss the moments that give our lives real color and purpose.

I’m thrilled to be at Becoming Minimalist today, sharing a doable guide to recognizing more “moments that matter” in your life. I hope you’ll follow me over in one quick click! (THANK YOU!)

A Guide to Recognizing More Moments that Matter

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    February 3, 2017 at 11:46 am

    Thanks Erica. I commented over on Becoming Minimalist but also want to say here that I appreciate your words and encouragement:)

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