Erica Layne

About Erica Layne

I want my spouse to know that I am in his corner. I want to live fully. I want to fill our family up with purpose, traditions, silliness, adventure, faith, celebration, and meaningful conversation—all with the hope of giving our children an unquestionable sense of love and belonging, right here at home.

I have three children (ages 7, 6, and 3) and a marriage that has taught me more in ten years than I ever imagined it could. 🙂 I’m an Arizona girl now living in the San Francisco Bay area. I graduated in journalism from Brigham Young University and have big dreams about having a book published one day.

Erica Layne at letwhylead.comNothing makes me happier than a baby in soft pajamas, fresh out of the bath. I buy myself flowers often. Before we had kids, my husband would send me into the kitchen whenever I was getting feisty. He said cooking calmed me; he might have been right. I believe in living simply, mostly because that happens to be the pace where I’m happiest.

I have days where I wonder if I’m really cut out for motherhood, but the idea of building a family that is filled with love and belonging gives me something to hold on to. I laugh at myself often. I’m shooting for authentic. Mostly, I’m grateful for any time you spend here. Thank you so much for reading!

Erica Layne at letwhylead.comTevi Hard Photography

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